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Our Mission is
to Create a Complete Landscape of all your Company Data Needs. 

Before DATAROCKET Guide, enterprises were managing their data guidelines in multiple MS EXCEL files, in complex technical tools, or knowledge was saved on
Post-Its next to the screen.

DATAROCKET Guide creates a complete landscape of all your company data needs. The tool enables IT and Business communication to run together. Making your Data Governance Program successful. 

Successful data governance facilitates the strength and success of an enterprise; effective collaboration between the business and IT is the key to building this.

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Guide in Action

One Platform to Store all Governance Information

  • Assign roles from your business organization and build a virtual  governance organization
  • Define councils, roles and responsibilities, and publish policies
  • Group councils based on their decision level
  • Gain full transparency and make your data governance initiative visible

All System Information Down to Field Level 

  • Structure your data in hierarchies systems, domains and processes
  • Combine and unite information from all IT systems and applications
  • Import standard structures from our Library, such as SAP and Salesforce

    Rules and Guidelines for all Data Fields

    • Easily define company standards for your data structures
    • Use workflows to define new rules based on the structure information and organization data which were added
    • Import predefined guidelines from our Library based on best practice